About The Episode

Grab a glance at Chick-fil-A’s roots from just seventy five stores to two thousand with Vice President of High Performance Leadership, Mark Miller. From Kodak’s refusal to see digital photography’s writing on the wall to Chick-fil-a’s search for resources on how to find and keep workers, Miller reviews just how important it is to listen and adapt to the ever-evolving talent pool. Learn how to tell the story of a better boss, a brighter future, and a bigger vision to a generation that craves working for an organization that makes a difference.

About The Guest

Mark Miller

Mark Miller started his journey with Chick-fil-A as a team member in 1977.

Miller joined the corporate staff as its sixteenth member and later was tasked with accelerating leadership development at Chick-fil-a, leading him to develop a corporate model on servant leadership and to become best selling author of Talent Magnet, Chess not Checkers, and more. Miller’s extensive research on the War for Talent have been integral in shaping an organization’s approach to employee recruitment and retention.