Kurt Kandler

Job Title: Executive Director, The 410 Bridge
Specialties: entrepreneurship, business leadership, business in poverty
Their Podcast: 410 Bridge: Kurt Kandler on Empowering the Poor

Kurt Kandler currently serves as the Executive Director of The 410 Bridge, an Atlanta based non-profit focused on empowering the poor to create sustainable solutions to their poverty.

Born and raised a “Cheesehead,” Kandler lived north of Milwaukee until he was 11. On the brink of adolescence, Kandler and his parents move to Tampa, Florida throughout his middle school, high school, and college life. Kandler affectionately thanks his parents for providing him a clear and honest example of what true love in a marriage really looks like.

Kandler moved to Atlanta, having called the state of Georgia home for now forty years. A graduate of finance, Kurt thought his path would always be in the world of entrepreneurship. Out of college, he performed as an acquisition accountant and then later opened a few businesses along the road to discover God’s calling of service to him.

When Kandler’s own marketing agency began to fail, he felt a tug on his heart to serve the poor with his children in Uganda. The global poor captured his heart in a mission to build a school, and Kandler felt inspired to create a global perspective change in and for the globally poor. Kandler firmly believes that poverty is an issue of worldview, and that if we can shape perspective, we can empower communities to sustain themselves.

Kurt is happily married to his wife, Erica, for 28 years, and has 3 (and a half!) children.