Laura Jack

Job Title: Author, Transformational Life Coach
Specialties: Grief Counseling, life coaching
Their Podcast: Link to podcast on this website

On January 5th, 2008, Laura Jack had the most devastating and life altering day of her life.
After Laura’s mother was killed instantly from a truck that didn’t see her while crossing the street, she felt like her life was over. But what she didn’t know, was that a new chapter was beginning.

Laura set out on a journey of self discovery. Her journey through massage school taught her how to care for herself, stop herself from burnout, and slow down. She dove head first into coaching school, teaching her to meet people where they are. Finally, Jack’s journey with Holistic MBA CORE training, and her training at The Grief Recovery institute brought her to where she is now, as a Transformational Life Coach, best-selling author of The Compassion Code: How to Say the Right Thing when the Wrong Thing Happens, and grief counselor at The Grief Recovery Institute.

Laura believes that our scars are a part of us and our story, and her goal is to make sure that healing is timely, scars aren’t painful, but rather become part of the story of our lives.