Job Title: Author, Inspirational Speaker

Lea Tran is a passionate human connector, inspirational speaker and community builder. As a Chinese ethnic descendant, who was born in Vietnam, Lea and her family fled communism. They survived the perilous journey on a derelict boat, escaping from the oppressive country in 1979. She endured many challenges in the refugee camps in Indonesia and eventually made it to the United States.

Extracting from her multi-faceted cultural and life experiences, Lea strives to bring her message of hope and courage to empower women, men, and young adults to embrace change and to live an abundant life.

The author of “I Did Not Miss the Boat: Memoir of a Vietnam Hoa Refugee” highlights her personal struggle to overcome the trauma of war, poverty, and social isolation.

Lea is a graduate of Villanova University and began her career as an organic chemist at big-name Pharmaceuticals for seventeen years, where she was co-inventor of several patents on anti-HIV drug treatments. Prior to moving to Florida in 2015, Lea owned and operated Distinctive Designs, a high-end window drapery business for ten years.