About The Episode

Ray Strickland talks to us about his church partnership organization, CoPassion. Based in Jacksonville, Florida, Copassion focuses on a mission to transform college students into Christ-centered leaders. From providing mentors and internship opportunities to simply creating a community where spiritual growth is a priority, CoPassion sets out to bridge the gap between college graduation and to provide workplace readiness with Christ at the center.

About The Guest

Ray Strickland

Ray Strickland is the co-founder of a church partnership organization, CoPassion.

A University of North Florida graduate, Ray felt called to fill the gaps he and his wife, Melissa, saw between college graduation and the marketplace. Ray and his wife passionately believe that the more Jesus manifests in you as a person, the more your work is more powerful and more meaningful. They enacted CoPassion to create disciples by connecting faith and work, and to bridge this gap between education and life after college. While just beginning, Ray sees CoPassion expanding to every metropolitan city in the United States.