About The Episode

Today’s special guests, Blaine and Honey Parker, talk about the journey that led them to founding CoupleCo, a podcast that explores the dynamic between couples who’ve formed a successful business partnership. Successful screenwriters and advertisers themselves, the Parkers knew that there was a marketable magic found in the stories and challenges that come with working in business with your partner. Join us as A Server’s Journey dives deep into the do’s and don’ts of working with a spouse.

About The Guest

Blaine and Honey Parker

Blaine & Honey Parker first worked together as screenwriting partners in Los Angeles.

After multiple speaking engagements around the world, they began noticing a pattern: couples in business together were always approaching them to share their stories. Great stories. The kind that start with “We had a dream” and end with “…and we’re still married.” But there are always challenges along the way. How do you balance the business with the emotions? Who gets final say? What happens when you just need space? (from coupleco.com/about)