About The Episode

How will you let your tragedies define you? Unquestionably, Karen Millsap let her story pave a path of greatness. After her husband was tragically and unexpectedly murdered, Millsap decided she would become a stronger individual from it. As the current CEO and founder of Egency, a”people-first” organization, Millsap believes that sharing her habit and lifestyle changes during her time of grief helps others manage their healing. Furthermore, Millsap demonstrates the exact kind of servant leadership we love: a true zeal for compassion, empathy, and taking care of your people personally and professionally.

About The Guest

Karen Millsap

Karen Millsap is the current CEO and founder of Egency, an organization dedicated to creating a company culture that cultivates empathy.

Karen’s passion for grief counseling comes from her own journey through tragedy when her husband was murdered at their own family-owned gym. Now, Karen cultivates and promotes her “Heal” method, a guide to rebuilding your life through life-changing and balancing habits.