About The Episode

Guest Foster Dickson shares his experience as Director of Student Ministry at The Church at South Lake in Clermont, Florida. Foster talks sermon preparation, event planning, and simply “doing life” with his middle and high school students. Join us for an episode that gives you a behind the scenes look at Foster’s day to day, a new Epic Moment in Leadership, and even some talk of boredpanda.com. 

About The Guest

Foster Dickson

Rocky Destefano is the current Director of Student Ministry at The Church at South Lake in Clermont, Florida.

Foster believes that to be a true leader to his youth students, he has to recognize their passions and dreams as valid. He loves doing life with his middle and highschoolers whether it’s in ministry, playing Gatorball, or getting together to grab some pizza. Currently, Foster attends Liberty University for Nursing and Biblical Studies.