About The Episode (Part 1)

Mike Hodes talks growing up with a troubled family life and his journey to becoming a technical salesman. Join us for an episode that takes you through the rude awakening Mike had when a colleague claimed Mike was a role model that he knew he was not. Mike shares his journey from a being “as crooked as the hind leg of a dog” to finding God and turning his life around.

About The Episode (Part 2)

Part Two of our podcast with Mike Hodes as he talks about his transformation from a leader who viewed workers as commodities to one who started viewing their humanity.

About The Guest

Mike Hodes

Mike Hodes has been a server since his early days of working as a technical and electronic salesman.

After starting his life as an early snowbird with divorced parents, Mike steadily launched himself into the business world of electronic sales. The self-proclaimed workaholic saw people as commodities and led a life consumed by his work. After a rude awakening one day on the road, Mike turned his life to Jesus and realized that faith could actually be fun. Today, Mike is passionate about helping people grow and helping those people grow others.