About The Episode

Director of Guest Experience North Point Community Church in Atlanta, Georgia, talks about how of the 11 thousand stories he interacts with daily, every single one is an opportunity for God to work in their lives. Reece Mashaw’s passion for leaning in and becoming a better developer of people helps him lead his team with the “why” behind serving their church. Join us on this edition of A Server’s Journey to learn how Reece implements a value-first culture in his volunteers. He hopes they remain empowered by North Point’s philosophy to “create churches for unchurch people.”

About The Guest

Reece Mashaw

Reece Mashaw currently serves as the Director of Guest Experience for North Point Community Church.

Mashaw sees the thousands of people that attend North Point as an incredible opportunity to show God’s love. Mashaw avoids “walking around slapping hands” at North Point by empowering his volunteers to understand the core values of the organization. He passionately believes his volunteers can own the vision of North Point and convey that to the regular attendees who keep coming back every week. Today Mashaw lives by a core mantra at North Point: “Do for one what you wish you could do for everyone.”