About The Episode

Special guest, 13 year old Katherine Adams is the co-CEO of her own business. When Katherine and her sister, Isabelle, learned that a child died every 15 seconds from unclean water, their passion for bringing clean water to the world was sparked. Their organization, Paper for Water, trades hand-crafted origami for clean water wells all over the world. Join us in an episode with Adams, wise beyond her years, as we talk about the over 200 wells built in the name of a passion and desperate need for giving back. You too can give back by visiting paperforwater.org or subscribing to their youtube channel and seeing how you can get involved.

About The Guest

Katherine Kei Adams

Katherine Adams is the co-CEO of global organization Paper for Water.

Katherine’s unique and fiery desire to give back to her community was instilled in her by her parents as a young child. At just 5 and 8 years old, Katherine and her sister Isabelle started folding origami to donate and fund water projects all over the world. Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, Katherine loves gardening, baking desserts, playing the piano, and riding horses.