About The Episode

Join Rocky and Larry as they interview today’s special guest, Clermont City Council Member Diane Travis. As Diane runs for her last term on City Council, learn how she used her go-getter mentality to climb her way up the corporate ladder and help transform the small town of Clermont, FL into the “City of Champions.” Diane talks relational leading, being a woman in leadership, and the importance of health and wellness in a growing community.

About The Guest

Diane Travis

Diane Travis is a Real Estate agent, broker, and city council member for Clermont, Florida.

Born in Chicago, Illinois, Diane’s passion for making a difference has bled through all of her endeavors in the corporate and athletic world. Diane believes in the potential of her little town to be a safe haven of growth for those old and young and knows the true beauty of its parks, lakes, and trails. Diane’s real estate success lies in “doing life” with her seven agents, such as running, cycling, or boating together in their shared community.