About The Episode

Mike Wagner joins the 20th edition of A Server’s Journey and recites what led him to create White Rabbit Group, a leadership consulting firm that focuses on timeless solutions to unlocking creative capacity in people. Learn how to be a connected leader, how you can use “May I” instead of “Can I” to forego respect, and how to leverage your differences to work collaboratively in the marketplace. Take a deep dive into the leadership rabbit hole to discover the next level of your business culture and success.

About The Guest

Mike Wagner

As a gifted communicator, White Rabbit Group founder Mike Wagner speaks across the nation on leadership, design, and strategic brand building.

Earlier in his career he served as associate pastor of a large church in Lincoln, Nebraska and worked as a Church Planter to start up new churches. From here, Mike cultivated 30 years of experience in the marketplace at Saturn, Spindustry Systems, and more. When Wagner developed White Rabbit Group, he began partnering with companies like DuPont Pioneer, Wells Fargo, Siegwerk, and Businessolver, to grow strong brands and competitive businesses. Wagner serves his purpose and passion at White Rabbit Group and builds businesses into places that know the power of language and positive collaboration.