About The Episode

Joa Macnalie talks about her journey of becoming the leader she is today.  She tells the story of how she overcame challenges, sometimes through sheer will power and other times with the guidance of influential leaders in her life.  She discusses her experience with leadership from coaches while playing sports at a young age.  We talk about family, how she became an author and the story behind her children’s books, her run for City Council and how her faith impacts her leadership style. Join us for this raw discussion full of depth and inspiration from this amazing young woman.
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About The Guest

Joa Macnalie

Joa Macnalie was born in Gros-Mourne, Haiti. Her family moved to the United States when she was just five years old. Her life began with a struggle of medical problems at a young age.  She credits her Grandmonther & Mother’s prayer for her healing. Using sports as an escape to an abusive dysfunctional household, she then went on to accomplish a slew of awards and titles through out her sports career as a young woman. She is now an “Authorpreneur” of multiple books, owner of her own company.  All done under 30, with grace, currently she is running for Clermont City Council seat 1.