Dan Wheeler

Job Title: Author, Founder of Fearless Faith Ministry, QVC TV host
Specialties: broadcasting, writing, grief management, faith leader
Their Podcast: Fearless Faith: Dan Wheeler on Grief, Purpose, and Not Retiring to the Golf Course

Beth and Dan Wheeler had it all: They lived in a beautiful home with a beautiful family.  Dan enjoyed a thriving career as an on air television host for QVC, and all was well.

But their world was rocked in 2012 when Beth was diagnosed with Stage IV endometrial cancer.  For three years, Dan balanced his career as a cheerful, upbeat QVC television host with caring for his wife, Beth, as she battled for her life. She passed into heaven at her home on October 30, 2015. Now, at last, Dan shares their inspiring story in Hurricane of Love: My Journey with Beth Wheeler published by West Bow Press.

Beth’s tremendous capacity to love swept through the halls of medical clinics, hospitals and chemotherapy suites, positively impacting the lives of medical personnel, family and friends.  

Dan Wheeler has worked in radio and television for over forty years.  His interviews with hundreds of celebrities, athletes, musicians and actors makes him bright, engaging, and a passionate founder of Fearless Faith Ministry: a ministry with a mission to live transparently and purposefully under God’s grace.