About The Episode

This edition of a Server’s Journey brings you special guest Dan Wheeler, a tv host with a 40 year career in television broadcasting. While Dan’s professional life thrived, his personal life came crumbling down when his wife, Beth, was diagnosed with stage four cancer. Through these life altering events, Wheeler chose to define his purpose and inspire others around him to make the most of their time after retirement. Listen to hear Wheeler talk about his wife’s unending capacity to love, his new ministry “Fearless Faith,” and his first book release, “Hurricane of Love.”

About The Guest

Dan Wheeler

Dan Wheeler has worked in radio and television for over forty years.

As a host on QVC for almost 30 years, Wheeler interviewed hundreds of celebrities including hall of fame athletes, musicians and actors. Wheeler holds an engaging interview and knows how to connect with an audience by speaking passionately from the heart. Today Wheeler celebrates the life of his wife, Beth, who passed away from cancer in 2015, with a new ministry and newly authored book.