About The Episode

Join us in our 22nd edition of A Server’s Journey to explore the three essential “knows” to ultimately being a better boss to your team. Here Rocky talks the truth about how 21 percent of workers truly do not feel motivated to succeed in the workplace. With  a frank discussion about how profit and loss sustain no motivation, learn how businesses that invest in their team create true business success.

About The Guest

Rocky Destefano

Rocky Destefano has been a server since his early days of working behind the counter at a Chick-fil-a store in South Florida.

Today he has a successful restaurant of his own. Rocky is called upon by the Chick-fil-a family to help in the development of staff and training around the country. Being a leader and a server himself, he likes to talk about leading yourself, a few, many, and an organization. Recently Rocky was selected for two local service awards: from the Cornerstone Hospice as Man of the Year and the Chamber of Commerce as Citizen of the Year in the Greater Orlando area.