About The Episode

“Work satisfaction can either lead to a healthier or unhealthier you.” Join us in this throwback episode to take a look back on what motivated Rocky to create A Server’s Journey. To this end, Rocky and Larry take us from our first podcast on April 26th all the way through some of our favorite highlights with esteemed guests. From Patrick Lencioni’s best-selling books to Karen Millsap’s remarkable journey, this episode celebrates the wealth of knowledge A Server’s Journey compiles in one place.

About The Guest

Rocky Destefano

Rocky Destefano has been a server since his early days of working behind the counter at a Chick-fil-a store in South Florida.

Today he has a successful restaurant of his own. Rocky is called upon by the Chick-fil-a family to help in the development of staff and training around the country. Being a leader and a server himself, he likes to talk about leading yourself, a few, many, and an organization. Recently Rocky was selected for two local service awards: from the Cornerstone Hospice as Man of the Year and the Chamber of Commerce as Citizen of the Year in the Greater Orlando area.