About The Episode

Long time friend Ed Ruff introduces us to the culture of ACS Creative after 20 years at the company. The Director of Creative Development shares his servant leadership experience through frank discussions about where you’re falling short and fostering business relationships that benefit both parties. Ruff leads a dialogue about defaulting to the positive, staying calm in the midst of difficult decisions, and always coming back to your unwavering core values. Listen to hear not only Ruff’s business expertise but to turn our regular “This One or That One” on its head.

About The Guest

Ed Ruff

Florida State University graduate Ed Ruff serves as the current Director of Creative Development for ACS Creative, a branding and marketing strategy company.

With a Bachelor’s in Studio Arts, Ruff channels his energy into creating a client culture of earned respect. He regularly quips, “There are no good issues or bad issues; only issues, and we’ll deal with them accordingly.”