About The Episode

Today’s guest, experienced army lieutenant Al Cartwright, shares the leadership principles he learned from Officer Candidate School and in the field. Together we walk through the importance of knowing yourself and your limitations, the importance of being adept in your craft, and the value in keeping your team’s overall goals at the forefront of everything you do. His main takeaway proves one of the greatest servant leadership theories: that to lead well, you must never be afraid to let your team teach you what you cannot teach them.

About The Guest

Al Cartwright

Al Cartwright entered the army as an enlisted trooper and quickly rose through the rank of lieutenant colonel.

From infantry officer to army aviator, Cartwright became qualified in both fixed wing aircraft and helicopters, accumulating over 6,000 hours of flight time. In addition, he served as a commander of eight helicopter gunships and supported Project Delta, a special forces unit in Vietnam awarded a multitude of recognitions. Cartwright accumulated over the years many accolades, such as the Legion Flying Merit, Distinguished Flying Cross, The Bronze Star, eleven Air Medals, six service ribbons, two campaign ribbons and much more.