About The Episode

Clermont City Council runner Ebo Entsuah shares his journey in working on Capitol Hill and his passion for making a difference in his local community. Entsuah talks Florida State football, his recent naturalization, and people-focused leadership. Council runner Entsuah knows that his town doesn’t need a cookie cutter role model, but rather one who is accessible and transparent.

About The Guest

Ebo Entsuah

Born to immigrant parents, Ebo Entsuah moved to the small city of Clermont, Florida when he was just nine years old.

After a move to the state’s capital to play football as a Seminole and another detour to Washington DC to serve as gubernatorial nominee Ron de Santis’ legislative aid, Entsuah returned to his home city to run for City Council. Entsuah believes in adaptable, emotionally intelligent leadership, and stresses the importance of a strong transportation infrastructure during Clermont’s time of extreme growth.