About The Episode (Part 1)

Hear the fascinating story of of Wilson Wallace as he and his wife heard the call of God and acted as Foster Parents for 21 years.  From the early days of the child fostering Windshape program, created by the founder of Chick-fil-A Truett Cathy, Wilson and his wife helped to raise over 42 children in 21 years.

About The Episode (Part 2)

Part two of our episode on foster parenting, ministry, and what was next for the Wallaces when they left the foster parenting world.

About The Guest

Wilson Wallace

Wilson Wallace and his wife, Robin, fostered 42 children over the course of 21 years.

As a teen, Wallace found his heart for service in working for Chick-fil-A, and later won the Winshape Scholarship, catapulting him into a life destined for ministry. Though his original passions lay in becoming a youth pastor, God led Wilson and his wife to care for children who’s lives got off to a tumultuous start. Several children, now grown, still call Robin and Wilson Mom and Dad.