About The Episode

How do you lead compassionately without feeling like it’s an exhaustive journey? Laura Jack, author, life coach, compassionate leader counselor, and trainer for the Grief Recovery Institute talks creating a culture of compassion and the how and what behind relating to one another more effectively. Join us as we talk about preventing burnout and what words to use during one of our 9 (on average!) major moments of grief in life.

About The Episode (Part 2)

Part 2 of our series with Laura Jack on extending compassion and avoiding burnout.

About The Guest

Laura Jack

Laura Jack is the best selling author of The Compassion Code: How to Say the Right Thing When the Wrong Thing Happens.

Laura is also an expert in Compassionate Communication, a Mastery Level Transformational Life Coach, Speaker, and Trainer for the Grief Recovery Institute. Her mission is to create a culture of compassion, starting with self. In her workshops and trainings for organizational, community, and family leaders, Laura Jack teaches compassionate communication and how we can relate to one another more effectively during the challenging moments in life. (Bio via laurajack.com)