About The Episode: What is Integrity?

Rocky breaks down why it’s so important for a servant leader to have integrity at the core of their leadership. Listen as he walks us through tangible ways to demonstrate this integrity, build trust with team members, and keep character at the center of the workplace.

About The Episode: Integrity: The Solid Foundation of a Servant Leader

Rocky takes a moment to dive in deeper to this concept of “integrity” in a servant leader. Here, join us as our humble podcast highlights the tangible characteristics of someone with integrity. Effective leaders are able to build trust with the people they lead, and we know that trust is strengthened when a leader demonstrates integrity by saying what he or she believes. No one should have to guess what a leader’s true intentions are; thus, a servant leader.

About The Guest

Rocky Destefano

Rocky Destefano has been a server since his early days of working behind the counter at a Chick-fil-a store in South Florida.

Today he has a successful restaurant of his own. Rocky is called upon by the Chick-fil-a family to help in the development of staff and training around the country. Being a leader and a server himself, he likes to talk about leading yourself, a few, many, and an organization. Recently Rocky was selected for two local service awards: from the Cornerstone Hospice as Man of the Year and the Chamber of Commerce as Citizen of the Year in the Greater Orlando area.