About The Episode

Caleb Stimmell comes on to talk about his role as a community relations specialist at Kids Central Inc. This Central Florida licensing agency focuses on building better lives though preserving families, foster care and adoption. Caleb’s wealth of experience with the foster care system started young; his parents served as foster parents and ultimately ended up adopting six of Caleb’s now current siblings. Join us to learn more about the rising need for foster care, gap programs, and what you can do to support them.

About The Guest

Caleb Stimmell

Caleb Stimmell currently serves as the Community Relations Specialist for Kids Central Inc in Central Florida.

Growing up in the orange groves of Florida, Caleb’s own life was filled with foster siblings. After college graduation, Caleb left Florida to work for the Boy Scouts as the District Executive for the Smoky Mountain Council. His roots pulled him back to working within foster care. Caleb believes there is alway something you can do to support the youth in need of the foster care system.