About The Episode

In this episode Bob Ehmann, retired missionary, talks with us about how to be a servant leader. Rocky and Bob discuss his life of serving through missions. They reminisce about how he came to meet his wife of 55 years as well as his experience being a servant leader in the church. Additionally, Bob touches on how he has chosen to follow God’s guidance throughout his life of missionary work over the past 53 years.

About The Guest

Bob Ehmann

Bob Ehmann is a retired missionary of 53 years.

Bob has been a substantial leader in his church, community and in missionary service over the extent of his life. Bob was born in Colorado to parents who were ranching.  He served in church planting, discipling, administration and recruitment for 53 years. Bob spent 33 years in Mali, West Africa, 10 years in Malaga, Spain at the Malaga Media Center with the focus on North Africa, and 10 years at Echo Ranch Bible Camp in Juneau Alaska.