About The Episode

In this episode, Rocky joins with Tony McCoy, former NFL football player. Tony currently serves as the pastor of Hope International Church in Groveland, Florida. Now, McCoy’s background from the NFL to ministry left him with a pointed passion for leading by serving others. His church, Hope International, stands by a mission statement to save, encourage, and change. Together, the team talks about what inspires them most to serve their community. In light of this, how can we support black lives during this historic time? How are you using your voice as an ally? What can you do to support your community?

About The Guest

Tony McCoy

Tony McCoy is a former NFL player who currently serves as the head pastor of Hope International Church in Groveland, Florida.

During his career in professional football, Tony had the unique privilege to bring his colleagues and teammates to grow in their faith. Tony brings an off the cuff approach to ministering in a church that proclaims acceptance to all. His creative and innovative ministry reaches all cultures and age groups. After bringing his church from 5 to over 600 members, McCoy knows that every good leader is supported with a team of servants.