About The Episode

Marriage and family therapist counselor Cesar Perez confronts a growing mental health crisis: anxiety in the workplace. From Freudian slips to the Notre Dame crisis, this episode takes a stab at why our global on-line connection might be making us all a little more on edge. How do you address this in the workplace? Listen here for some licensed mental health tactics!

About The Episode (PART 2)

Part Two of our serious on anxiety in the workplace with Cesar Perez.

About The Guest

Cesar Perez

Cesar Perez is a marriage and family therapist for the Church at South Lake in Clermont, Florida.

Born in Venezuela, South America, Perez always held a passion for helping others. Even at the young age of 15, friends would seek Perez’s advice and eagerness for deep conversation. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Ministry and Master’s in Counseling Psychology from Palm Beach Atlantic University, Perez speculates that our world global connection is causing higher and higher rates of anxiety in the workplace and out of it. Cesar is happily married with three children.